Climate Change Refugees (1st of two comments)

Last year approximately one million refugees fleeing from the civil war in Syria sought asylum somewhere in the world.  The largest group of refugees risked their lives travelling to Europe.  Many perished en route when the small, overloaded boats taking them to Greece sank or capsized. Everyone has seen the pictures of the grief of … Read more

Final Impressions of COP 21

Television networks covering Saturday’s COP 21 meeting explained the lengthy delay in approving a final agreement  by stressing the difficulty in getting acceptance of the text of the document.  Network announcers referred to the process as “deal making”, and many times queried:  “Do we have a deal”? In this bargaining over the text, negotiators considered … Read more

Sea level Rise

 Rising ocean levels contributed to the flooding of New York City by Hurricane Sandy. But that is a curtain-raiser to the extraordinary destruction that will be caused by rising sea levels if the world does not limit the increase in temperature to 1.5 Degrees C That limit  is almost beyond reach.  Scientific advisors recommended a limit of … Read more

Sea Level Rise – An Updated Explanation

What is causing sea levels to rise? As the water in the oceans warms along with the earth it expands and sea level rises. More important, as the earth warms, glacial ice melts, water flows into the ocean, and sea level rises. The especially large bodies of ice in Antarctica and Greenland account for nearly half of … Read more

Going Up!

Like most people born in Nova Scotia, I was familiar with the rise and fall of the sea.  Tides, tidal currents, wind fetch and surge – all these varying factors made it difficult to judge the “sea level”. And we never worried about the impact of the sea on the N.S. coastline.  The next storm … Read more

Faith in Technology

Frequently we read commentary of the sort: “Yes, global warming is occurring.  But humans have proven themselves capable of developing technology to counter physical threats such as climate change.” The element of faith in this statement is amazing.  Because in the past technology has overcome problems we need not fear the future. James Hansen has … Read more

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