How it All Ends

If you haven’t seen “How it All Ends” yet, you should. The video is the work of Oregon school science teacher, Greg Craven, and it presents a very well thought out argument for climate change. It’s a very unassuming video – so bear with it, you’ll be glad you did. The video has received over 13 million … Read more

Climate Change and Municipal Zoning Policy

Approximately four years ago Toronto approved construction of an apartment building on a large property in a residential area provided the apartments were occupied by seniors; the building could include a place of worship and community spaces – necessary to override restrictions in the zoning by law. A developer acquired the property and sought permission … Read more

An Epiphany about the Tar Sands

The Enbridge Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel hearings in Prince Rupert wrapped up Saturday.  After further hearings this three-personal Panel will make a recommendation to  the National Energy Board whether the Board should approve  the Northern Gateway Pipeline.  This new pipeline will take Tar Sands bitumen to to a new marine terminal at Kitimat, where it will be … Read more

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