Wacky Weather Wisdom

Astronomers have discovered a new planet far beyond Pluto.  If there is life on that planet, the leading candidates for the Republican Presidential nomination –  judged by their comments on climate change – are as far out as its inhabitants. Donald Trump is not a believer in climate change.  He says it’s the weather that … Read more

Two “Canadians” in Texas

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is one of the front runners for the nomination as the Republican Presidential candidate.  Cruz was born in Canada so he has to meet the (unfounded) criticism that his birthplace raises an issue that might disqualify him from being President of the United States, even if elected. Cruz is a sceptic … Read more

“The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.”

These words  of William Shakespeare are an appropriate description of tactics used by politicians to reject policies with which they disagree.  A recent illustration comes from Senator Ted Cruz (Republican – Texas) who quoted scientists to persuade Americans that the world is not warming. Cruz is one of the front runners for the Republic nomination for President.   … Read more

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