Adapting to Climate Change British Style

Complaints about “weird weather” are mounting.  By tradition and character Brits don’t complain about the weather although they talk about it all the time.  The new “normal“ has stressed this national characteristic, and understandably so:  the United Kingdom has suffered droughts in the last several years to be succeeded more recently by intense rainfall causing … Read more

January in Paris!

We have been saying that one consequence of climate change is that weather patterns will be different. Paris has experienced snow on an occasional basis, but it now appears that Parisiennes must get used to more severe winters.  By the time that Paris recovers from a heavy snow fall on January 19, it will be … Read more

Removing the weather wrapping from climate change

Canadians have watched our TV weather reporters with their moving images of fronts, lines of pressure and varying coloured charts that made daily weather changes very visible. We listened why the balmy temperatures we were experiencing would change to frigid within twenty four hours. We gathered that the cause of this change was an invasion … Read more

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