An era is ending?

We want to share with our supporters some hopeful news, and some not quite so hopeful.   The hopeful news suggests the era when we depend on fossil fuels for energy is coming to an end. First to Norway.  Statoil’s Chief Executive, Eldar Saetre, told a meeting of senior industry executives that the industry cannot ignore … Read more

Get Statoil out of the Tar Sands!

Open letter to The Norwegian Government, attention of Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg

The government must instruct the Board of Statoil to withdraw the company from Canadian tar sands

The Norwegian oil company Statoil’s engagement in extraction of oil from tar sand in the traditional homeland of some of Canada’s First Nations has been controversial from the start in 2007. Warnings of negative impact on local communities, the environment and the climate from the oil industries’ devastating extractions, have proved well founded. Documentation of damages is mounting, as also confirmed in a recently published paper in the highly reputable scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

Both scientists and the affected First Nations have long opposed the environmentally destructive extraction of tar sands, due to increased occurrence of cancer and other serious health issues.

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A summary: Climate Change, Election Spending and Propaganda.

United States 2012 Presidential Election In the US Presidential Election  Republicans and Democrats and outside parties (called Super PACs) spent billions of dollars to woo the support of voters.  Now that the results are known, two questions arise:  did this advertizing decide the result?  And – if not – did this advertizing have any influence on … Read more

Norwegian Grandparents don’t give up!

PRESS RELEASE FROM THE NORWEGIAN GRANDPARENTS CLIMATE CAMPAIGN Norwegian Grandparents have spearheaded a demand from 28 Norwegian organizations and political parties that Statoil must withdraw from its participation in the Canadian tar sands. Halfdan Wiik, the leader of the Norwegian Grandparents Climate Campaign, explained: “Grandparents cannot accept that our grandchildren shall inherit an unsustainable world, … Read more

News from Norway!

Halfdan Wik of the Grandparents Climate Campaign (Norway) writes: We have really appreciated our contacts with Canadian grandparents, and are still hoping we can spread the message to new countries. It’s my firm conviction that grandparents have an important political role to play. A few days ago I received James Hansen’s newsletter, and read his … Read more

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