The Feds short change Renewable Energy

At the close of the 2011 fall sitting of Parliament, John Carmichael, the MP for Don Valley West, presented the ForourGrandchildren petition on renewable energy requesting the Government of Canada to: Take immediate steps to develop in cooperation with the Provinces of Canada a national policy on Renewable Energy, with the goal of presenting to … Read more

Limits to Growth

“If we agree to “think globally” about climate destabilization and at least one of its consensually validated principal agencies, it becomes evident that riveting attention on more and more seemingly perpetual GROWTH could be a grave mistake because we are denying how economic and population growth in the communities in which we live cannot continue … Read more

Denialists v. Scientific Consensus

Denialists v. Scientific Consensus Hearings of Standing Committees of the Canadian Senate are usually sedate, measured and most often free of the political histrionics that plague “the other place” (the House of Commons). With exceptions such as the Coyne affair, they are not a dramatic battlefield where ideas are tested and reputations won or lost. … Read more

Climate Change Denialists before the Canadian Senate.

Since 2009 a Standing Committee of the Canadian Senate has been hearing evidence on the subject of climate change, renewable energy, Canada’s energy future and the policy that Governments should follow in dealing with these issues. The Senate devoted two days to the scientific basis for the conclusion that GHG emissions from fossil fuels are … Read more

REDD: an important acronym in the Climate Change world.

When I first stumbled across the acronym REDD I did not know what it stood for.    Thanks to a web search I can share with readers that REDD stands for ~~“Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (UN)” There are two on-going activities that seriously undermine our ability to control climate change.  One – familiar … Read more

A Canadian history lesson!

In 1993 Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell called an election, running on a platform of new leadership and deficit reduction. She honestly but incautiously admitted that she did not foresee any fall in Canada’s unemployment rate for 4 years. Sensing an opportunity, the Liberal Leader, Jean Chretien, immediately adopted the campaign slogan of “Jobs! Jobs!  … Read more

Rio + 20

The objectives of a low-carbon future and “sustainability” go hand in hand. Reducing carbon in the atmosphere is the only way to fight climate change. With climate change under control, the world is “sustainable”, and will avoid the substantial extinction of species that could result from unchecked climate change. The Brazilian Government is the host … Read more

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