“Goldilocks and the Three Bears” explains Canada’s climate policy.

The Federal Government is once again re-assuring Canadians that economic growth can be consistent with reduction of Canada’s GHG emissions. Canada accepted emission reduction targets when it ratified the Paris Agreement. The consensus of experts  is that the Paris Agreement targets agreed to by all countries are unambitious. These targets will not limit global warming … Read more

Exploiting the Arctic

Over many of the last decades, Norway’s wealth grew significantly, thanks to state revenues flowing from North Sea Oil.    During this period Norway was a benefactor to third world countries, assisting them to adopt measures to limit climate change and its impacts. A recent article in the Manchester Guardian commented on the ambivalence of … Read more

Misspoke – but accurate!

At a recent town hall meeting Prime Minister Trudeau commented: “We can’t shut down the oil sands tomorrow. We need to phase them out. We need to manage the transition off of our dependence on fossil fuels.” These remarks led to a storm of protest, to which Trudeau responded (apologized?) : “I said something the … Read more

Canada evades a moral reality!

4RG has been inspired by the efforts of a Norwegian organization, Grandparents Climate Action (GCA). In 2011 GCA placed an advertisement in the Edmonton Journal  opposing exploitation of the Canadian tar sands by Statoil, a corporation created by the Norwegian Government.  The ad stated: We, the Grandparents Climate Action of Norway, will stand firmly on … Read more

Let’s get moving on the “Canada Energy Plan”

Gillian Steward’s op-ed on Albertan politics in the Toronto Star  (Wildrose attack on Wynne  backfires) makes Wildrose politicians sound like guests at a mad hatter tea party.  But her reference to a grudge held by Albertans towards Ontario because of the “long-gone and much-despised National Energy Program (NEP)” makes it sound as though the whole … Read more

A letter that should be published!

Our colleague, Michael Brothers, wrote this letter commenting on Alberta’s climate change policies to a Toronto newspaper.  It hasn’t been published. Given the importance of the issues raised the letter should be in the public domain.  Please circulate as widely as possible. Dear Sir, I am, I must admit, a numbers person.  If I am advised … Read more

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