Update on the Tar Sands

Canada has a responsibility to report national GHG emissions to the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  For some reason Canada’s report for the year 2008 did not identify GHG emissions attributable to the tar sands exploitation and operation, although those emissions were included in the overall Canadian totals. Critics of the Government suggested at the … Read more

Grandparents Protest Oil Sands in Alberta: Letter to the Editor (Edmonton Journal)

Picture of the Alberta 0il sands destroying our environment. ForOurGrandchildren.ca’s Letter to the Editor – Edmonton Journal (Published April 13th, 2011): Canadian Grandparents Join Norwegian Counterparts in Condemning Alberta’s Tar Sands We applaud the Grandparents’ Climate Action of Norway’s resolved commitment in condemning Alberta’s tar sands industry. Placing a paid advertisement in the Edmonton Journal denouncing … Read more

Norwegian Grandparents speak out against the Tar Sands

“NORWEGIAN GRANDPARENTS PROTEST STATOIL’ S  TAR SAND EXTRACTION IN ALBERTA On April 6th , Alberta’s largest daily newspaper, Edmonton Journal, will carry a message from the Norwegian Grandparents Climate Action to the citizens of Canada. The Grandparents‘ Climate Action (Besteforeldreaksjonen), a network of about 2000 concerned elders, represents a broad spectrum of Norwegian society, such … Read more

Development of the Oil Sands – The Elephant in the Room!

On Tuesday, February 15th, the Alberta Research and Innovation Authority, an advisory body funded by the Government of Alberta, sponsored a six-page information feature published in the Globe & Mail. The commentaries in the feature respond to public criticism of Alberta’s oil sands development, first that it contributes to pollution, and secondly that the extraction … Read more

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