One down . . . !

Like Canada’s Stephen Harper, Tony Abbott Prime Minister of Australia was a sceptic about climate change. Abbott explained extreme weather conditions that hit Australia, such as record-breaking temperatures, followed by bush fires, as Mother Nature Australian style (Abbott: “Fire is a fact of Australian experience”.) Claiming there was no link between bushfires and climate change, … Read more

Fossil fuels reserves remain in the ground? No way says Australia!

Just a week ago, Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, emphatically stated that most fossil fuel reserves must remain in the ground if the rise in the world’s average temperature is to be kept within 2 Degrees Celsius. Carney’s words don’t have much weight in Australia. Prime Minister, Tony Abbott declared at a … Read more

Climate Change Policies “down under”

So – has Australia progressed in reducing GHG emissions to meet its 2020 targets?  And, if not, what steps will it take to do so? Australia is the source for about 1.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions.  On a per capita basis these emissions are nearly twice the OECD average and more than four times … Read more

A Carbon Tax bites the Australian dust!

A week ago we thought that a non-political, reasonable discussion about a carbon tax was possible. BUT that may not be so in Australia, where a carbon tax is a “hot-button” issue!

Canadians voters rejected a Federal carbon tax in the 2008 Federal Election.  New Zealand considered a carbon tax in 2005, but instead opted for an emissions trading scheme that imposed minimum financial burdens on industry. Two days ago Australian voters rejected a carbon tax that had been in effect for several years.

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