Open Letter to Toronto City Council

The motion by Councillors Mike Layton and Mike Colle to recover costs associated with Climate Change from Big Oil companies is a good one. Unfortunately, many of the policies of Big Oil companies were supported by our own Councillors in the past, who consistently blocked attempts to fund enforcement of anti-idling measures, and, in the … Read more

Climate Change and the Toronto Municipal Election – Part II

The re-drawing of Toronto’s electoral boundaries by the Province has resulted in larger wards where two popular councillors are fighting for re-election. Jaye Robinson, who represented Lawrence Park, the old Ward 25, is running against Jon Burnside, who represented Leaside, the old Ward 26. These wards are represented by the Federal MP for the area, … Read more

Climate Change and the Toronto Municipal Elections

In 2009 Toronto’s City Council mandated a study on the risks and impacts of climate change. The consultants assumed that countries would meet their Kyoto/Copenhagen targets for lower carbon emissions. Lower emissions would limit global warming, thereby reducing the risks of damages caused by future extreme weather events.  Unfortunately, few countries haven taken significant steps … Read more

Climate Change and Municipal Zoning Policy

Approximately four years ago Toronto approved construction of an apartment building on a large property in a residential area provided the apartments were occupied by seniors; the building could include a place of worship and community spaces – necessary to override restrictions in the zoning by law. A developer acquired the property and sought permission … Read more

“Greenville” goes front and center

Today was another day of recognition for St. Jean de Brébeuf, the high school awarded first place at the Earth Day “Speak Up for the Planet” climate change competition sponsored by 4RG.   The team and their School Advisor brought their model green city, appropriately called “Greenville”, to the Ontario Science Center. The model was placed … Read more

Air Transport GHG Emissions

Barbara Falby, a member of the 4RG Steering Committee, attended a panel discussion sponsored by the TransformTO initiative on Transportation and Climate Change.  In the question period that followed she inquired why the panel had not referred to aviation CO2 emissions. The response:  previous research showed that aviation emissions were too low to be of … Read more

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