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We can reduce our personal greenhouse gases

This article appeared recently in the Peterborough Examiner. It points out that as individuals, our primary influence is over the almost 70 per cent of greenhouse gases that come from just residential heating and transportation, mostly automotive. It gives many suggestions how we, as individuals, can reduce these emissions by our own actions. Some of … Read more

Air Transport GHG Emissions

Barbara Falby, a member of the 4RG Steering Committee, attended a panel discussion sponsored by the TransformTO initiative on Transportation and Climate Change.  In the question period that followed she inquired why the panel had not referred to aviation CO2 emissions. The response:  previous research showed that aviation emissions were too low to be of … Read more

Climate Change Forum: Questions and Answers

Question:  When implementing a carbon pricing scheme, how do we best mitigate or reduce the push back that arises due to existing international bilateral agreements in given industries? For example, the Chicago Convention in the International Aviation Sector that states any tax or fee on fuel is illegal? Response:  Governments are very protective of their … Read more

A small news item . . .  that impacts Canada!

Today (December 4th) the Globe carried a story from Brussels that suggests Canada is not that popular with EU Legislators. The subject: a recent European Executive decision rescinding the application of the EU Fuel Directive to tar sands oil.  A Committee of the European Parliament restored the Directive, a decision that must be confirmed by … Read more

SmartTrack: Make it work!

Torontonians know all about traffic congestion.  Commuters from the suburbs have their own personal horror stories about being stuck in traffic. The previous City Council toyed with improving with public transit.  Not that there was an indifference to the need.  As much as anything the confrontational atmosphere in that Council made assessment of the merits … Read more

Climate Change and Risk Management for International Transport

The UN Commission on Trade and Development and the UN Economic Commission for Europe recently circulated a study on climate change (the ECE study) that in its opening paragraphs makes this emphatic statement: “Compelling scientific evidence and a better understanding of the potential economic impacts of climate change have moved the issue to the forefront … Read more

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