Vancouver Port Authority and coal

Despite the general recognition that it is the worst generator of GreenHouse Gas Emissions, coal is making a comeback on a worldwide basis.

In several of our blogs we addressed the subject of exports of North American coal to the Pacific Rim.  We noted that the Vancouver Port Authority wishes to grab its share.  Apparently the Port’s coal facilities are currently working to capacity, which means the Authority must make capital expenditures to expand terminals etc. to handle the large volume of future exports. The Vancouver organization, Voters Taking Action on Climate Change (VTACC) is opposing expansion for this purpose, and For Our Grandchildren (4RG) has supported their opposition.

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Make your voices heard!

On June 21 we published a commentary on the  increase in the use of coal for generation of electricity world wide. Domestically the US has reduced GHG emissions from the burning of coal.  Yet US coal will play its part in the warming of this planet, as the US is on track to becoming the … Read more

Coal: the rising star of energy production

Incredible! The greater the need to curb our use of this fossil fuel the greater its consumption for the production of energy! Neil Reynolds, a frequent contributor to the “Report on Business” section in the Globe & Mail, chose this headline to catch the attention of readers.  He more than justifies the words “rising star” in the … Read more

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