Youth Don’t Vote

A young student from Algonquin College accompanied a small group from Citizens Climate Lobby to talk with an MP in his office on Parliament Hill last week. During the cordial conversation the MP at one point turned to the student and said basically – we aren’t going to set policy to appeal to you, you … Read more

The ABC’s of the 2018 Ontario Provincial Election

Most readers will quickly guess what “ABC” stands for – “Anyone But Conservative! Why are we so opposed to the Ontario Conservative Party?  In the first place,  the leader of the Conservative Party, Doug Ford, is even more ignorant about climate change than Donald Trump. In the second place, the Conservative Party Platform is a … Read more

Nobody’s speaking! Nobody’s listening!

The 2012 US Presidential election campaign has seen a few surprises.  Instead of being a walkover, it appears to be a close race. Governor Romney is emphasizing the economy: are you better or worse off than in November 2008?   President Obama appeals to his experience as “Commander in Chief”, to use the US political tag. … Read more

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