Walter Pitman – a man who will be sorely missed!

Our 4RG Colleague, Walter Pitman, was a crusader! His profound commitment to the environment was supported by his recognition of the beauty of our planet Earth.  Walter associated that beauty with a divine presence, an association captured in the lyrics and music of the “Crusader’s Hymn” (as sung by the Hastings College Choir). Walter recognized … Read more


The written word about climate change seems to be moving in a definable direction – that the presence of human life on Planet Earth is worth retaining into a long distant future.  After several centuries of peering into the skies, we recognize that this planet occupies a miniscule amount of space. We know of no … Read more

Survival of Creation – a comment by Walter Pitman

Every faith community has an explanation how we humans found our way to this gorgeous Planet Earth.  Within its literature virtually every faith includes some kind of creation story. Often these are some of the most poetic and inspiring verses to be found in sacred texts, expressed in words of extraordinary power and insight. These … Read more

Durban Postlude: Moral Issues that didn’t get discussed.

The CBCTV National News for Sunday, December 11th included a commentary on the results of the Durban Conference that had just concluded.  One of the persons interviewed was a Calgary Professor whose opinion was that from a Canadian perspective the outcome was practical, moral issues aside. Walter Pitman has reflected on moral issues as these are … Read more

Who bears the brunt of climate change?

I hope that visitors to Forourgrandchildren have read the Blog commentary “Natural Disasters displaced 42 million last year”. This Blog identifies a major implication of simply allowing climate change to go on and on. Life is glorious but unfair! The parts of the planet that have contributed the least to climate change will bear the … Read more

A letter from a Concerned Grandparent

One of the roles that ageing parents and in-laws are expected to play is that of being a “pain in the ass” on every possible occasion and in the presence of any seemingly justifiable set of circumstances. On this occasion I am enclosing an extract from an essay, “An Awkward Conversation” by Richard Wiles*, related to … Read more

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