Imagine millions of people living in a modern city in a large prosperous country having to accept severely rationed water – five days without water and two days with. That is the situation in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the world’s twelfth largest city. The Sao Paulo region is experiencing extreme drought:  a third consecutive year with … Read more

Great Lakes levels: a painful topic

On several occasions we have commented on the disruption to Georgian Bay residents caused by falling lake levels. Read more at “Low Water Levels again”,  “A Problem Close to Home” and  “Low Water Levels on  the Great Lakes – a Serious Environmental Problem”.

The International Joint Commissions (IJC) has just released its report on this problem, compiled after many years of research and analysis.

Read more

The Silver Lining (?) to drought!

Our latest blog expressed admiration for Australians.  As a people they demonstrate remarkable resilience.    Despite their independent outlook on life, they are prepared where necessary to change their behaviour for the common good. Their attitude towards water conservation is a good example. To find out more about climate change issues “down under” go to these links: Australian Update … Read more

Blog Action Day: We Need a Sea-Change

October 15, 2010, is Blog Action Day.  The world’s bloggers are uniting by each posting today on a set topic of global relevance.  This year, the topic is water.  Water can devastate through abundance and through scarcity.  The millions of families who lost their homes and loved ones in the recent floods that swept across Pakistan, and … Read more

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