Climate Change Basics

Here is the most basic presentation of the science behind Climate Change that I can dream up.

  1. The world is getting hotter.
  2. Human activity is the main cause.
  3. We are sure.
  4. The warmer earth causes Climate Change
    1. Rising Oceans
    2. Increased Storm Intensity
    3. Droughts
    4. Ocean Acidification
  5. What can we do about it?
    1. Ask our friends and relations what they think.
    2. Take personal action as an example.
    3. Vote for political leaders who will actually take action.
    4. Insist that our political leaders remain accountable.

This is pretty simplistic and you probably want to know more. Fortunately there is a lot of useful information on the web. We suggest that you start with the web sites below.

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