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High School Students take note! – “Speak up for the Planet”

March 11, 2016 @ 8:00 pm - April 22, 2016 @ 5:00 pm EST

For Our Grandchildren invites high school students to creatively envision their life in a non-carbon future, and design projects for reducing Climate Change by lowering Carbon Emissions, explaining the steps that must be taken to reach that objective. 


Overview and Objectives:

  1. To ensure that high school students in Toronto have a clearer understanding of complex connections between Climate Change, and levels of GHG emitted during the processes of extracting and burning fossil fuels.
  2. To raise awareness of accelerating factors, (radiative forcing) on various systems, such as rising sea and land temperatures, ocean acidity, extreme weather events, droughts, flooding, food supply, polar ice melt, permafrost and glacier destruction.
  3. To foster creative and co-operative thinking in proposals for reducing GHG,  leading to a non-Carbon future for our World with a target date of 2050.

Outline for Project Submission:

  1. First you must register your School Team by March 11. (Hint:  Does the postal code for your school begin with M or L?  If yes, your team is eligible.)
  2.  T0 register send an email to competition@forourgrandchildren.ca giving the name of the School, the School official engaged on your project (a teacher, principal or librarian), the names of team members, a description of your project – 200 words or less, and contact details for the School.
  3. By registering the Team and its members agree to abide by the rules below.
  4. For their project, each School team shall include a plan for reducing GHG emissions in any one or more of the following areas: Transportation, Housing, Agriculture, Parks, Law, Science & Technology, Women, Food, Water supply, Construction.
  5. The project may take the form of or include a science experiment, an art form, such as drama, art installation, music, and video, or may take the form of a lecture, panel discussion, debate, business proposal, or urban planning project.
  6. For teams submitting a lecture, panel discussion etc., please include a separate page listing at least 10 sources of information on the climate change subject the team has explored. Teams are also encouraged to contact one or more environmental groups working to promote awareness of climate change.
  7. As part of the final judging process, judges may submit questions via email to registered teams.  Please send your answers to these questions to: competition@forourgrandchildren.ca


Climate Change Competition Rules 2

Criteria for judging:

  1. The project shows creativity and originality.
  2. Solutions for lowering GHG emissions are practical and/or logical.
  3. Team members show awareness of the climate change work of NGOs .
  4. The project demonstrates familiarity with background evidence.
  5. Team members answer questions satisfactorily (where applicable).

Timelines and Entry Procedure:

January 25 – Speak Up Flyer published.

March 11  – Your registration email must be submitted to 4RG by at competition@forourgrandchildren.ca.  Y0ur email must be time-date stamped no later than March 11 and show a copy going to your school official. Teams whose registration has been accepted will be advised via email on or before March 18.  Registered teams  have until March 31 in which to submit their Project.

8 pm April 4th – Last Date for Submission of a Team Project  – You must submit your project on or before this date using the same procedures for submission as you did for Registration. Final projects are due and Judging begins.

April 22, – Awards ceremony – The Ontario Science The Center on the West Side of Don Mills Road just South of Eglinton Avenue in Toronto.  Start time is 4 PM.  Visitors will be able to meet with the Teams and Their Advisor, see the projects and participate in the Awards

Ceremony which will start at approximately 5.30, after the judges have reviewed the projects.  In the Awards Ceremony the Grandprize winner, the Second Place team & runners up will be announced, and certificates of participation will be awarded to the School teams.  After completion of the awards, everybody is welcome to share in a light supper.

The Speak Up for the Planet Competition contest will be recorded on video until the conclusion of the Awards Ceremony. .

Prizes will be awarded to Schools as follows:  

Winning team  – $1500 payable as directed by the sponsoring School

Second place    – $750 payable as directed by the sponsoring School

Runners up        – $250 to each School sponsoring a runner up team

The time and place for the award ceremony will be published on this Website at a later time. Decisions of the judges are final.

The winning teams agree that, unless otherwise advised in their application for Registration, For Our Grandchildren has a non-exclusive licence to publish the project they have submitted.  In this way members of the public and all teams will further benefit from the competition.

Send any questions to us by email at  competition@forourgrandchildren.ca

From time to time some elements of the competition may be modified in minor details as recorded on this page or the For Our Grandchildren website:  https://www.forourgrandchildren.ca

4RG acknolwedges the assistance of the Federal New Horizons Seniors Programs and the Ontario Science Center.  Without this assistance this event would not be possible.

Please keep in touch as it is the responsibility of each and every team to monitor information on this Website. 




March 11, 2016 @ 8:00 pm EST
April 22, 2016 @ 5:00 pm EST
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