Challenge Series

When we think of the causes of climate change, we tend to picture giant smokestacks belching thick, dark clouds of greenhouse gases into the sky; we blame the oil companies and faceless corporations that we couldn’t stop even if we wanted to.

But how many of us think of the part we play as individuals?

The truth is that virtually every aspect of our daily lives carries implications for climate change from the food we eat, to the clothes we wear, to the way we travel, to the places where we live.

Disturbing as this thought may be, it is equally empowering.  It means that no matter who we are, we can each make decisions in the way we live in order to combat global warming, and to prepare for the changes that are already taking place.

The vision of is to help grandparents to make a difference and have their voices heard.  Our grandchildren will face challenges in their lives on a scale and of a nature that previous generations never had to experience; with our help, they can better understand these challenges and seize the opportunities that come with them.

The challenge, for us begins here.  At regular intervals, will host a new chapter of a climate change Challenge Series.  Each chapter will focus on a different aspect of everyday life – food, water, transportation, clothing, energy, waste management, and more – that will be affected in a very real way by climate change, and will guide us and our grandchildren to adapt to the oncoming changes in our lives in each of these categories.

We encourage you to take on these challenges together with your grandchildren; the Challenge Series activities are meant to be fun as well as informative, and will teach our grandchildren lessons that will last a lifetime.  Attempt as many of the challenges as you can. Based on the age of your grandchildren some may seem more appropriate than others – and please write to us and share your ideas, successes and difficulties, or  ask any questions you may have.  Visit the site often to contribute your stories, and to read the stories of other grandparents.

Good luck!

List of Challenges: