Peterborough Organizations Acting on Climate Change

Peterborough & the Kawartha’s Climate Reality Hub
Peterborough & the Kawartha’s Climate Reality Hub is a member of the Climate Reality Project Canada which is a member of the international community of Climate Reality Project affiliates
Contact: Kate Grierson (Co-Chair) or Guy Hanchet (Co-Chair)
Purpose: To foster an engaged and well informed international citizenry

  • Provides free science-based climate change presentations to the public by trained presenters
  • Is organizing a telephone blitz of the local MPP, and perhaps other politicians as the need arises
  • The Climate Reality Hub Canada will provide a web-based forum for local groups to share their activities, to generate   motivation and new ideas
  • Will collaborate with other like-minded groups for various related events
Peterborough Alliance for Climate Action (PACA)
Peterborough Alliance for Climate Action (PACA)Facebook (Peterborough Alliance for Climate Action)
Contact: Trish Campbell,
Purpose:  Organizes rallies, protests and other public events to inspire awareness and action on climate change; coordinates local demonstrations with Global Days of Action initiated by

Organized:Stop Kinder Morgan demonstration on May 6, 2018, Rise for Climate rally on Sept 8, 2018, Deliver the IPCC Report to our MP/Meeting with Ms. Monsef (Oct/Nov. 2018).

For Our Grandchildren (4RG)
For Our Grandchildren (4RG).
Contact: Guy Hanchet, guy@hanchet.caor Linda Slavin
Purpose: to educate and motivate people for action on climate change

  • Develops and distributes pamphlets on climate change, including at events such as the Purple Onion Festival.
  • Organizes all-candidates meetings on climate change at election times
  • Organizes letter-writing nights to politicians
  • Organizes public lectures on CC. Currently developing a series aimed at attracting new people to the CC issue:  CC & Insurance Costs, Health Effects of CC, Effects of CC on Hunting and Fishing Locally, Fossil-fuel Divestment
  • Is developing a web site, similar to, where people can deposit a letter to a loved one in the future, saying why they are concerned about CC and what they are doing about it
  • Main initiator of the Peterborough LEAP chapter, for discussion on social issues related to CC
  • A main organizer of the June 1, 2018 Reconciliation Event at Ptbo Square and is working on the 2019 event
  • Partners with other local organizations for CC rallies
  • Presented on CC to County Council and the City planners for the new Official Plan
Transition Town Peterborough
Transition Town Peterborough
Contact: Cheryl Lyon,
Purpose: Part of the network of 1400 Transition Towns worldwide. The mission of TTP is to “adapt to the effects of climate change” in our region. It does “this by making our community more environmentally and economically resilient, resourceful, self-sufficient, and less dependent on damaging fossil fuels in the essentials of life – food, water, energy, culture, and wellness.”

  • Organizes the annual Purple Onion Festival to highlight local food and culture
  • Organizes the annual Dandelion Day Festival, promoting healthy life styles and local food producers
  • Creates and publishes the Greenzine quarterly magazine, profiling local community efforts in sustainability and environmentally friendly practice
  • Liaises with other like-minded groups for various related events
GreenUp Peterborough
GreenUP Peterborough Is a registered charity.
Contact: Brianna Salmon (CEO)
Purpose: GreenUP is an environmental NGO working to advance community-based climate action in the Peterborough Region. GreenUP is leading vital climate mitigation programs focused on measurably decreasing operational emissions from household and businesses, as well as from transportation. Key mitigation initiatives include Residential Energy Conservation Programs, the Green Economy Hub Peterborough, and Peterborough Moves. GreenUP also leads adaptation programs that increase our community’s resilience to the impacts of climate change. Key adaptation initiatives include the Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods Program, NeighbourPLAN, the Vibrancy Project, and DePave Paradise. In addition to direct mitigation and adaption initiatives, GreenUP offers a breadth of climate education programs – both in-schools and at GreenUP Ecology Park – that engage thousands of children each year in hands-on learning and skill development.

Council of Canadians
Council of Canadians, Peterborough.
Contact: Roy Brady,
Purpose: Supports the national CoC agenda of Trade, Water, Health Care, Energy and Climate, Democracy

  • Supports local letter-writing campaigns on the above issues, especially with a local emphasis
  • Makes regular presentations to City Council
  • Liaises with local groups working on these issues
Sustainable Peterborough
Sustainable Peterborough
Contact: or
Purpose: Is a community based, regional partnership comprised of community groups, residents, businesses, local governments and First Nations, to ensure a sustainable future, balancing prosperity, well being and nature.

  • Developed the Climate Change Action Plans for reducing greenhouse gases for the City, County, townships and First Nations. See Monitors progress on these plans and reports to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities
  • Has ongoing working groups on the Climate Change Action Plan, Energy, Food and Farming, Healthy Kids Community Challenge, Sustainable Peterborough Business Initiative, and Water.
  • Organizes public reporting sessions on climate change actions by the municipalities.
  • Applies for funding for specific projects.
  • Does not liaise formally with local activist groups for political reasons but does interact unofficially at many levels.
Kawartha World Issues Centre
Kawartha World Issues Centre (Trent University)
Contact: Julie Cosgrove,
Purpose: “Promoting dialogue and understanding of world issues to enable people to engage in positive social and environmental change.”

  • Supports student working groups on related issues
  • Organizes student workshops and conferences
  • Provides an excellent community-events calendar at
  • Liaises with other like-minded groups for various related events
  • Hosts students for various job placements and projects to provide students the opportunity to get involved in social justice and environmental issues while developing on the job experience
  • TEACH Outside the Box: a unique opportunity for teacher candidates and educators to participate in a series of interactive workshops to explore critical education theories from various perspectives (global, Indigenous, anti-oppression, popular education).
Peterborough Greenspace Coalition
Peterborough Greenspace Coalition
Contact: Rob Steinman,
Purpose: A citizen-based public interest group made up of organizations and individuals working to protect and promote greenspaces in the City of Peterborough. A major focus has been to preserve the parkway corridor as greenspace. See

  • Liaises with other like-minded groups for various related events.
OPIRG Peterborough
OPIRG Peterborough (Ontario Public Interest Research Group) Supported by a Trent student levee
Contact: Sam MacAndrew, Coordinator
Purpose: “Pursuing social justice and environmental activism on the Trent campus and the Peterborough community.”

  • Organizes various Trent and community events related to the above goals, such as community workshops on affordable housing, “correcting capitalism”.
  • Provides training in consensus-based decision-making, and an anti-oppression workshop.
  • Liaises with other like-minded groups for various related events.
Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) Peterborough Kawartha Haliburton
Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) Peterborough Kawartha Haliburton
Contact: Brianna Salmon
Purpose: RCE Peterborough Kawartha Haliburton is a diverse collaborative that includes post-secondary institutions, governments and government agencies, local First Nation communities, educators, elders, private sector partners, and non-profit organizations. The RCE network accesses core resources to support capacity to promote sustainability education at every age and stage of life in the Peterborough, Kawarthas and Haliburton areas. It has 6 main objectives:

  • To recognize the vital importance of Traditional Environmental Indigenous Knowledge (TEIK) systems as they engage across all curricula
  • To implement age-appropriate sustainability and stewardship education frameworks from pre-school to secondary school, in both formal and informal settings
  • To build strong bridges between school curriculum and the spectrum of programs offered at Trent University and Fleming College
  • To link post-secondary programs and community-based training programs to green jobs, research, and innovation in the region
  • To develop reciprocal exchanges of sustainability knowledge and practice between residents within the region and with communities across the globe
  • To support the goals of the UN Global Action Plan
Peterborough Health Coalition
Peterborough Health Coalition (No separate web site) Chapter of the Ontario Health Coalition
Contact: Roy Brady,
Purpose: “To protect and improve our public health care system. We work to honour and strengthen the principles of the Canada Health Act. We are led by our shared commitment to core values of equality, democracy, social inclusion and social justice.”

  • Supports local letter-writing campaigns on the above issues, especially with a local emphasis
  • Makes regular presentations to City Council
  • Liaises with local groups working on these issues
Nourish Project
Nourish Project
Contact: Joelle Favreau
Purpose: Provides innovative programs dedicated to eating, cooking, growing, and advocating for good food.

  • Provides workshops on food growing, preparation and preserving.
  • Liaises with other like-minded groups for various related events.
Peterborough Field Naturalists
Peterborough Field Naturalists Is a registered charity.
Purpose: “To know, appreciate, and conserve nature in all its forms”

  • Meets monthly at the Camp Kawartha Environment Center at Trent University.
  • Sometimes liaises with other like-minded groups for various related events.
Peterborough Public Health
Peterborough Public Health
Contact: Julie Ingram – Manager, Environmental Health or

  • Is currently developing a Climate Change and Health Vulnerability Adaptation Plan, as mandated by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Ontario Public Health Standards, 2018 and the Healthy Environments and Climate Change Guideline, 2018.
  • May not always liaise formally with local activist groups for political reasons but does interact unofficially at many levels.
LEAP Peterborough
LEAP Peterborough
Contact: Guy Hanchet
Purpose: Has working groups on several of the social issues associated with climate change, as defined at

  • Groups included: Greenhouse gases & renewable energy; Indigenous reconciliation; Economy; Transportation; Democratic reform; Poverty, inequality and wealth.
  • These groups sponsored several speakers and wrote articles for the Examiner.
  • The only Working Group currently active is the Reconciliation one, which sponsored the Reconciliation event June 1, 2018 at Ptbo Square. Contact: Linda Slavin
Vote for a Sustainable Peterborough
Vote for a Sustainable Peterborough
Contact: Linda Slavin
Purpose: To provide voters in the City of Peterborough information on the voting record of local politicians, and the platforms of candidates in ongoing elections, as they pertain to all components of sustainability: economic, environmental, social and cultural.

  • To date, the focus has been on municipal candidates in the Octiber 2018 municipal election. It is anticipated that the committee will stay active for future elections at all levels.
Camp Kawartha
Camp Kawartha
Contact: Jacob Rodenburg, Executive Director
Purpose: Provides curriculum-linked outdoor education and leadership training programs for students.
Natural Heritage Policy Team
Natural Heritage Policy Team
Contact: Ian Attridge
Purpose: To develop a Natural Heritage Policy for inclusion in the City of Peterborough’s Official Plan.

Local Government Climate Change Working Group on the Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP)
Local Government Climate Change Working Group on the Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP):
Contacts: Anna Currier, Climate Change Coordinator, Selwyn Township,; Sheridan Graham, Sustainable Peterborough Chair,; James Byrne, Climate Change Coordinator, Sustainable Peterborough,
Purpose: Is a regional partnership comprised of each municipality and First Nation in the Greater Peterborough Area tasked with implementing Corporate Sector Actions from the CCAP.  Currently completing Milestones 4 & 5 of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Partners’ for Climate Protection (PCP) framework.

  • Measuring and monitoring progress on these plans and reports to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities
City of Peterborough leading a Climate Adaptation and Vulnerability Project
City of Peterborough leading a Climate Adaptation and Vulnerability Project
Contacts:   Melanie Kawalec, Sustainability Manager, City of Peterborough,
Purpose: Selected by ICLEI Canada as one of 3 municipalities in Ontario, together with 3 municipalities in B.C., and 2 municipalities in Newfoundland to participate in the FCM funded Climate Adaptation Changemakers project.  A diverse collection of City staff and community representatives are working on an Adaptation Plan for the City.

Electric Vehicle Society Kawarthas Chapter
Electric Vehicle Society ( is an Ontario-based organization that has been promoting the adoption of EVs since 1994. As of 2019, the group has grown to eleven chapters throughout the Province.
Contact: Bill Bruesch (
Purpose: The EVS envisions a world where every consumer who drives, drives an electric vehicle to the benefit both of society and the planet. Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of EVs and to shift transportation to a more environmentally sustainable system.

  • We value Integrity, Diversity and Passion.
  • We strive to deliver our message with optimism, enthusiasm and honesty.
  • We value teamwork and collaboration with others to inspire and educate our community on the benefits of electric mobility.
  • One of our members started and as a group we continue to support Peterborough’s Electric City EV Meet at the annual Purple Onion festival every September where we share our EV experiences and enthusiasm with visitors to the free event.
  • We conduct monthly Chapter meetings (January-June, September-November) where we welcome guests to join us as we discuss and provide information about the rapidly changing world of electric mobility.
  • Members often share the EV experience with others by volunteering to provide transportation for special activities and events. We also participate in other organizations’ transportation and environment-related activities, as well as car shows and meets.
Random Acts of Green
Random Acts of Green
Contact: Jessica Correa, Founder & CEO,
Purpose: Random Acts of Green is a social enterprise that aims to prove to people & businesses that seemingly small daily “Green Acts” add up to make a big collective impact. Through their mobile app and online social media communities, Random Acts of Green is encouraging Canadians to take action to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions through various activities such as:

  • composting
  • carpooling
  • refusing single-use plastics

In 2019, the organization was federally funded by Canada’s Climate Action Fund to spread the mobile app across the country. Please visit, download their app, Random Acts of Green, or join as a Green Act Member to get involved and learn more.

Buckhorn Community Center- The BCC
Buckhorn Community Centre
Contact: Bill Kent, Board President,
Purpose: The Buckhorn Community Centre would like to highlight their completed Climate Action Projects, including the Solar Array Project and a completely LED Lighting Project. The BCC is looking for an Ambassador candidate to spearhead any future climate-related projects and coordinate with the Peterborough and Kawarthas Climate Hub.
For more information on the Solar Array Project, please visit:
Kawartha Land Trust- KLT
Kawartha Land Trust
Contact: John Kintare, Executive Director,
Purpose: Since 2001, Kawartha Land Trust (KLT) has been dedicated to conserving the natural environment and enhancing quality of life in the Kawarthas. Our mission is to help people protect the land they love in the Kawarthas, and care for the lands entrusted to us. We do this by securing privately-held ecologically important lands, and interest in land to ensure the vision of a Kawartha region characterized by natural spaces and connections that support healthy ecosystems. Land protection is one of four key nature based climate solutions and we are the only NGO charity actively working to protect land in the Kawarthas.

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  1. Landfills such as Bensford road are producing methane, effectively 21 times worse than carbon dioxide, odour for neighbours and toxic leachate.
    Landfills make the land unusable for over 200 years. The city of Peterborough is now enlarging the landfill site without looking at alternative plans.
    A group called Energy From Waste has been unable to talk to city council because they are unwilling to talk to us until 2024 . They are even unwilling to listen to the city county liaison group which is aware of our proposal and of the neighbour complaints. Our group would like to make a more detailed presentation to your group.
    The leaders of our group are authoritative and experienced in the topic. They were involved in the Durham York energy center.

  2. We should add Farms at Work to this list.
    Name: Pat Learmonth

    Could you add Farms at Work to the list on the website please?

  3. Hi Guy, Linda, Al…? Connie?

    This is an excellent and important reference list, but as Cheryl Lyon has noted, several of the entries are dated.
    Not sure that I can do it right away, but would it make sense for me or someone else to check one-by-one with the relevant contact people, and update the info for each blurb?

    We are in process of resurrecting the Greenzine on line, and a possible feature of the publication could be to excerpt verbatim every month one blurb from the compendium for each of the organizations listed.

    Peter C.

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