COP15: Friday, December 18

From the center of the summit – not of the official summit, that is, but of the People’s Climate Summit – you can see the famous Tivoli Gardens. It’s appropriate because the Tivoli Amusement Park is all illusion; it is make-believe, so far removed from the reality of the precarious state of the earth’s climate. … Read more

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COP15: Thursday, December 17

Last night we danced. We danced in the dark, in City Square, beneath the giant illuminated globe, to the music of a popular band ‘B’, with grandmothers, teenagers, and every age group in between. The snow and piercing wind failed to dampen spirits here, even at -4C – courtesy of Siberia. Yesterday we handed a … Read more

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COP15: Monday, December 14

It’s the Olympics here in Copenhagen!  There are huge globes, banners, tents and exhibitions of all kinds everywhere! Upon entering the airpoirt terminal, we were bombarded by images of various current  world leaders 20 years in the future looking lost and depressed and saying “I’M SORRY.  We could have stopped catastrophic climate change…we didn’t.” The critical nature of COP15 … Read more

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Why we must act

Margaret Wente did us a favour by her assessment of the efforts to explain to uncommitted Canadians the need to take action against global warning (Globe & Mail, Saturday, October 16th). She points out that people find it hard to react to invisible, distant threats. So they shrug off evidence, such as the significant reduction in Polar Ice Caps, that is short of calamitous.

And there are plenty of other worries on which people focus: in Canada concerns about global warming is somewhere below crime, health care, taxes, municipal spending, transportation and the economy. So, as she observes, the lamentable lack of political action is understandable: the Canadian government has just been reading the polls.She asks:” W hy are people cooling on warming?”  She might have questioned whether people have really been other than cool. Instead, she blames the apocalyptic language used by some environmentalists.  Here she departs from journalistic fairness.  She comments: “When they say we are doomed unless we radically change our way by the end of next week, people figure the problem is exaggerated.”  No environmentalist has referred to such an absurd time line, and certainly not Tim Flannery, whom she refers to in her article.

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The Copenhagen Climate Conference

Anthony Ketchum, the founder and leader of ForOurGrandchildren, is going to Copenhagen! Accompanying him will be his son, John Philip. The Copenhagen Climate Conference that runs from December 7-18, 2009 will be remembered as a watershed moment in human history, either because of the strong, decisive action that our world leaders take, or because the … Read more