Peterborough Climate Action Groups

The list of groups who are active in combatting climate change in the Peterborough Area is being updated after a couple of years of neglect. The list is intended to give a quick idea of the group’s purpose, contact information, a link to a form of online presence, and some examples of the kinds of activities they undertake.

We have removed several groups that did not appear to be active from the previous list. We will be cleaning up other information based on feedback from the community.

Please use the Contact Form at the bottom to send suggestions for changes in contact information and for additions and removals from the list.

Purpose: To educate and motivate people to take action on climate change.

Web Site: For Our Grandchildren

Contact: Guy Hanchet,

Actions: 4RG organizes public meetings, lobbies with local municipal officials, collaborates with other local groups, and coordinates with national groups. 4RG also maintains a website, a Facebook Page, a Facebook Group, and a monthly newsletter with a distribution of a bit more than 1,000 subscribers.

Purpose: GreenUP is an environmental NGO working to advance community-based climate action in the Peterborough Region. GreenUP is leading vital climate mitigation programs focused on measurably decreasing operational emissions from household and businesses, as well as from transportation.

Web Site:

Contact: Tegan Moss –

Key mitigation initiatives include Residential Energy Conservation Programs, the Green Economy Hub Peterborough, and Peterborough Moves. GreenUP also leads adaptation programs that increase our community’s resilience to the impacts of climate change.

Key adaptation initiatives include the Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods Program, NeighbourPLAN, the Vibrancy Project, and DePave Paradise. In addition to direct mitigation and adaption initiatives, GreenUP offers a breadth of climate education programs – both in-schools and at GreenUP Ecology Park – that engage thousands of children each year in hands-on learning and skill development.

Purpose: Is a community based, regional partnership comprised of community groups, residents, businesses, local governments and First Nations, to ensure a sustainable future, balancing prosperity, well being and nature.

Web Site:

Contact: or

Actions: Developed the Climate Change Action Plans for reducing greenhouse gases for the City, County, townships and First Nations. See Monitors progress on these plans and reports to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Has ongoing working groups on the Climate Change Action Plan, Energy, Food and Farming, Healthy Kids Community Challenge, Sustainable Peterborough Business Initiative, and Water.
Organizes public reporting sessions on climate change actions by the municipalities.
Applies for funding for specific projects.

Does not liaise formally with local activist groups for political reasons but does interact unofficially at many levels.

Purpose: “Promoting dialogue and understanding of world issues to enable people to engage in positive social and environmental change.”


Contact: Sam Rockdrune –

Actions: Supports student working groups on related issues

Organizes student workshops and conferences

Provides an excellent community-events calendar at

Liaises with other like-minded groups for various related events

Hosts students for various job placements and projects to provide students the opportunity to get involved in social justice and environmental issues while developing on the job experience
TEACH Outside the Box: a unique opportunity for teacher candidates and educators to participate in a series of interactive workshops to explore critical education theories from various perspectives (global, Indigenous, anti-oppression, popular education).

Purpose: “Pursuing social justice and environmental activism on the Trent campus and the Peterborough community.”


Contact: Sam MacAndrew, Coordinator

Actions: Organizes various Trent and community events related to the above goals, such as community workshops on affordable housing, “correcting capitalism”.

Provides training in consensus-based decision-making, and an anti-oppression workshop.

Liaises with other like-minded groups for various related events.

Actions:  Organizes rallies, protests and other public events to inspire awareness and action on climate change; coordinates local demonstrations with national groups such as

Contact: Al Slavin,

Purpose: “To know, appreciate, and conserve nature in all its forms”



Actions: Meets monthly at the Camp Kawartha Environment Center at Trent University.
Sometimes liaises with other like-minded groups for various related events.

Purpose: To monitor lakes for yearly changes in phosphorus and E.coli levels.
To understand the dynamics of lake ecosystems and the causes of problems such as macrophyte (water plant) growth.

To educate cottagers, year-round residents and the general public about the importance of protecting the Kawartha Lakes.

To develop partnerships with government agencies, universities, colleges, cottage and ratepayer associations, and other environmental organizations to further the objectives of KLSA.

Web Site:


Purpose: Since 2001, Kawartha Land Trust (KLT) has been dedicated to conserving the natural environment and enhancing quality of life in the Kawarthas. Our mission is to help people protect the land they love in the Kawarthas, and care for the lands entrusted to us.


Contact: John Kintare, Executive Director,

Actions: We do this by securing privately-held ecologically important lands, and interest in land to ensure the vision of a Kawartha region characterized by natural spaces and connections that support healthy ecosystems. Land protection is one of four key nature based climate solutions and we are the only NGO charity actively working to protect land in the Kawarthas.

Purpose: works with partners to promote and protect the health of communities in Curve Lake and Hiawatha First Nations and the County and City of Peterborough.


Contact: Julie Ingram – Manager, Environmental Health or

Actions: Is currently developing a Climate Change and Health Vulnerability Adaptation Plan, as mandated by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Ontario Public Health Standards, 2018 and the Healthy Environments and Climate Change Guideline, 2018.

May not always liaise formally with local activist groups for political reasons but does interact unofficially at many levels.

Purpose: Provides curriculum-linked outdoor education and leadership training programs for students.

Web Site:

Contact: Jacob Rodenburg, Executive Director,

Purpose: Youth Leadership in Sustainability (YLS) is an innovative experiential-learning program based in Peterborough, Ontario that prepares grade 11 and 12 students for leadership roles in sustainability initiatives at the local and global levels. The one semester program launched in September 2018 and is open to students from any KPR, PVNC, private or home school, provided they can get themselves to Trent University and PACE @ PCVS on school days.

Web Site:


Transition Town Peterborough is in a period of transition while re-evaluating its purpose. They continue to publish an online version of the Greenzine, local news about sustainable living.

Web Site:


Purpose: Supports the national CoC agenda of Trade, Water, Health Care, Energy and Climate, Democracy


Contact: Roy Brady,

Actions: Supports local letter-writing campaigns on the above issues, especially with a local emphasis

Makes regular presentations to City Council

Liaises with local groups working on these issues

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