Peterborough Heat Wave – Summer 2020

As of July 27, according to Environment Canada (Peterborough Trent U station we’ve already had 26 days above 30°C. And we still have the rest of July and all of August.

Just two years ago in 2018, the temperature rose above 30°C on 30 days based on the same data source, and last year, 2019, there were 19 days. However, keep in mind that in the 1990s, an average year saw only 6.3 days above this threshold. Climatic projections for Peterborough predict an average 23.3 days above 30°C by the 2030s.

Drew Monkman has compiled the monthly temperature records for Peterborough here. These records show that for the period from 2010 to 2019 there are twice the number of months with temperatures higher than historical averages. Without climate change one would expect that there would be about as many colder days as hotter.

Statistics like these need to be part of local TV and radio weather reports, because most people have no idea how fast the Kawarthas are warming.

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