Recommended Reading Material

There is a great deal of emerging information from scientists, investigative journalists, authors, political lobbyists and other interested parties on the topic of climate change. The sheer volume of resources can make the information overwhelming. Much of it is on the Web, and you can find that at our Suggested Web Pages, but many of us still prefer printed material that we can snuggle up with by the fire. Look here for Book Reviews by our members of some of the books below.

Here is a list of recommended reading from our members. If you have suggestions to add to this list please enter a Comment below and we’ll check it out. 

Highly Recommended Books

Recommended Books

  • Benyus, Janine; Biomimicry
  • Brown, Lester R. ; Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization
  • Faris, Stephan; Forecast
  • Hartmann, Thom; The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight
  • Juhasz, Antonia; The Tyranny of Oil
  • Lovelock, James; The Revenge of Gaia
  • Mann, Michael &  Kump, Lee; Dire Predictions
  • Rees, Sir Martin; Our Final Hour
  • Roberts et al; Real Food for a Change
  • Smith, Rick; Slow Death by Rubber Duck
  • Steingrabber, Sandra; Living Downstream
  • Wright, Ronald; A Short History of Progress
  • Hoggan, James; Climate Cover-Up: The Crusade to Deny Global Warming
  • Quinn, Daniel; Ishmael
  • Turner, Chris; The Geography of Hope: A Tour of the World We Need
  • Weaver, Andrew; Keeping Our Cool
  • Historic Landmarks in Environmental Literature
  • Bartholomew, Mel; Square Foot Gardening
  • Carson, Rachel; Silent Spring, Intro. by Al Gore
  • Coleman, Eliot; Four Season Harvest
  • Leopold, Aldo; A Sand County Almanac
  • Liebs et al; A Walk Through Time
  • Neihardt, John; Black Elk Speaks
  • Schumacher, E.F.;  Small is Beautiful
  • Thoreau, Henry David;  Walden



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  1. The Uninhabitable Earth – Life after Warming, by David Wallace-Wells, Deputy Editor at The New Yorker magazine, Tim Duggan Books, 2019

    This book lit a fire under my A.., and got me started on my journey to become “Green Gramps on the Hill” in Ottawa.

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