Hope. Do we deserve it?

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National Observer

Chris Hatch write about the futility of climate hope in the National Observer this week. He concludes that even though we need hope, we have not done the work it would take to deserve it. He ends the article stating that, inspite of not deserving hope we have still one big factor in our favour. Efficiency.

Today’s energy system is so inefficient that we waste about two-thirds of it, almost 5 per cent of the whole world’s GDP, before energy creates any value. Renewable energy is nearly three times as efficient.

And that means switching to renewables is a much smaller task than it seems. We don’t have to replace all the fossil energy we currently produce, not even close. A world running on clean energy would use much less energy overall and still get all the same services.

“We have seen this before,” says RMI. “Fossil fuel technologies themselves rose to prominence a century ago through competing on efficiency, pushing out less efficient technology and fuels along the way.”

“It is happening again. Both more efficient end-use and new clean supply technologies — solar, wind, heat pumps, electric vehicles, and many more — all undercut fossil fuels where they are at their weakest: rampant inefficiency.”