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Christiana Figueres writes that a sense of despair is understandable, but it robs us of our agency, makes us vulnerable to mis- and disinformation, and prevents the radical collaboration we need. She argues that we have the responsibility – and the opportunity – to shape the future differently. We must take stock of the science, triple down on our efforts and deploy the perspective of possibility.

For example, what has been achieved in transforming the energy system to this point, pushing against a fossil fuel industry deliberately intent on delaying progress, and within a lacklustre policy environment, is extraordinary.

Last year saw a record absolute increase in solar generation. With renewables in the energy mix now at 30%, fossil fuel generation is expected to fall this year and then decline rapidly in the near future. Solar, in particular, is accelerating faster than anyone thought possible: last year it was the fastest growing source of electricity generation for the 19th year in a row. This really is the beginning of a different kind of future. Not enough, by itself, of course, but it shows a reality that is exponentially changing day by day.