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Here are some recent stories of positive news, stories of what others are doing that are having a positive impact on the looming climate chaos. We feel that these good news stories can provide us with Hope and Courage. Hope because we can see that change is happening, and courage to keep trying so that our efforts can make a difference.

Hydro-Québec Unveils New 3,000-MW Wind Farm

Hydro-Québec has announced partnerships with two Indigenous communities and a regional government in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region that will open the door to a C$9-billion wind farm, a first major step in the mammoth utility’s plan to triple its wind power ... Read More at 4RG

Oil Worker’s Job Shift Shows Opportunity in Clean Careers

An oil sands worker who drilled his way into the geothermal industry is just one example of how the clean energy transition is creating new opportunities for the Canadian work force, now supported by the Sustainable Jobs Act. Tyler Bleck ... Read More at 4RG

Renewable Energy Growth Outpaces Fossil Fuels

New wind and solar installations outpaced all other additions to the global energy mix in 2023, and clean energy investments are projected to exceed US$2 trillion in 2024, accounting for two-thirds of global energy investment. The significant wind and solar ... Read More at 4RG

Big Solar Outshines Big Oil as Emerging Giants Top ‘Powerhouses of Petroleum’

The world’s biggest solar manufacturers are delivering more usable energy each year than the top seven oil and gas companies, concludes a blockbuster analysis released earlier this month by Bloomberg News. While the annual output from the top chinese solar ... Read More at 4RG

Electric School Buses Are Cost-Competitive, Reduce Air and Noise Pollution

Amid Calgary’s bustling diesel-burning fleet, a lone Blue Bird electric school bus is showcasing the cost and equity benefits of electrifying transport for young students. With the help of federal subsidies, an electric school bus (ESB) can cost 21% less ... Read More at 4RG

Canada’s push against greenwashing is working

Efforts to stop companies from spreading misinformation in Canada about their impact on the climate and environment appear to be taking hold. The Pathways Alliance, a coalition of Canada’s six largest fossil fuel producers, scrubbed its website and social media ... Read More at 4RG

Ontario’s New Overnight Power Price Is ‘Rocket Fuel’ for Rooftop Solar

Ontario’s new electricity rate, known as Ultra Low Overnight (ULO) pricing, is meant to shift electricity demand from peak to off-peak hours. Under ULO, overnight rates are 2.8¢/kWh compared to 28.6¢/kWh during weekday afternoon peak times. Anyone who can shift ... Read More at 4RG

Vancouver leads effort to restrict gas water heaters

Vancouver has become the first B.C. city to phase out the use of gas-powered water heaters in homes in a move that will roughly halve the amount of harmful emissions the heaters generate by 2035. In a Tuesday announcement, the ... Read More at 4RG
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