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Here are some recent stories of positive news, stories of what others are doing that are having a positive impact on the looming climate chaos. We feel that these good news stories can provide us with Hope and Courage. Hope because we can see that change is happening, and courage to keep trying so that our efforts can make a difference.

Canada’s push against greenwashing is working

Efforts to stop companies from spreading misinformation in Canada about their impact on the climate and environment appear to be taking hold. The Pathways Alliance, a coalition of Canada’s six largest fossil fuel producers, scrubbed its website and social media ... Read More at 4RG

Ontario’s New Overnight Power Price Is ‘Rocket Fuel’ for Rooftop Solar

Ontario’s new electricity rate, known as Ultra Low Overnight (ULO) pricing, is meant to shift electricity demand from peak to off-peak hours. Under ULO, overnight rates are 2.8¢/kWh compared to 28.6¢/kWh during weekday afternoon peak times. Anyone who can shift ... Read More at 4RG

Vancouver leads effort to restrict gas water heaters

Vancouver has become the first B.C. city to phase out the use of gas-powered water heaters in homes in a move that will roughly halve the amount of harmful emissions the heaters generate by 2035. In a Tuesday announcement, the ... Read More at 4RG

What You Want is an S Curve

Bill McKibben writes about the most desperate race in human history—a race between a rapidly unraveling climate, and a rapid buildout of renewable energy. The outcome of that race will determine just how many people die, how many cities drown, ... Read More at 4RG

Hope. Do we deserve it?

Chris Hatch write about the futility of climate hope in the National Observer this week. He concludes that even though we need hope, we have not done the work it would take to deserve it. He ends the article stating ... Read More at 4RG

Increasing use of renewable energy in US yields billions of dollars of benefits

By increasing its use of renewable energy, the US has not only slashed its planet-warming emissions but also improved its air quality, yielding hundreds of billions of dollars of benefits, a new report has found. “From 2019 through 2022, wind ... Read More at 4RG

Vermont Sues Big Oil to pay for climate disasters

Last July, heavy storms lashed Vermont with record rain, leaving roads torn asunder, communities submerged, and farms washed out. In response, state legislators made a historic move by introducing the Climate Superfund Act to hold Big Oil accountable for the damages spurred by the emissions ... Read More at 4RG

I understand climate scientists’ despair – but stubborn optimism may be our only hope

Christiana Figueres writes that a sense of despair is understandable, but it robs us of our agency, makes us vulnerable to mis- and disinformation, and prevents the radical collaboration we need. She argues that we have the responsibility – and ... Read More at 4RG
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