External Stories

Here are some recent stories of positive news, stories of what others are doing that are having a positive impact on the looming climate chaos. We feel that these good news stories can provide us with Hope and Courage. Hope because we can see that change is happening, and courage to keep trying so that our efforts can make a difference.

The Legal Reason Courts May Soon Tackle Climate Change

Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal recently decided that two constitutional challenges against the government’s inadequate climate policies can go to trial. In essence, the court found the claims were “justiciable” — that is, they can be decided by the courts. ... Read More at 4RG

Electric garbage trucks clean up in a variety of ways

In December, Peel Region in the Greater Toronto Area began pilot-testing its first electric garbage truck. That’s roughly a year after the first pilot test of an electric garbage truck in Canada launched in Squamish, B.C. Municipal officials in these ... Read More at 4RG

Competition Bureau launches investigation into Enbridge over deceptive marketing

Enbridge has a new fight on its hands as Competition Bureau Canada officially launches an investigation against the gas giant over allegations the company is misleading customers about the role of gas in the energy transition. Specifically, Enbridge has promoted ... Read More at 4RG

Fully Recharged – Batteries are getting better faster

The Rocky Mountain Institute’s recent report shows all the ways in which batteries are getting better. Battery demand is growing exponentially, driven by a domino effect of adoption that cascades from country to country and from one sector to the ... Read More at 4RG

The Quebec town trying to spell the end of natural gas

The small town of Prévost, Que. passed a bylaw banning natural gas (methane) this autumn, joining a growing number of municipalities in similar actions. They were quickly hit with a lawsuit from Quebec’s gas utility, Énergir. It’s up to us ... Read More at 4RG

Ontario energy Board rules that developers, not ratepayers, should bear the cost of Enbridge gas expansion.

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has found Enbridge’s plan for a multibillion-dollar gas grid expansion “is not responsive to the energy transition and increases the risk of stranded or underutilized assets.” Of course, the Ford government will attempt to reverse ... Read More at 4RG

Ontario Plans Procurements for 5,000 MW of Renewables

After slogging its way through a controversial plan to get new gas-fired power plants online, Ontario is stepping back into renewable energy procurement with calls for 5,000 megawatts of new non-emitting wind, solar, hydropower, or bioenergy capacity over the next ... Read More at 4RG

Canada on track to achieve 85-90 % of its 2030 emissions target

A new independent assessment shows that Canada’s climate policies are working—Canada is on track to achieve between 85 and 90 per cent of its 2030 emissions target. The Institute’s assessment includes modelling that shows emissions would be 7 per cent ... Read More at 4RG