External Stories

Here are some recent stories of positive news, stories of what others are doing that are having a positive impact on the looming climate chaos. We feel that these good news stories can provide us with Hope and Courage. Hope because we can see that change is happening, and courage to keep trying so that our efforts can make a difference.

Finally, after 30 years, countries have agreed to signal the end of the fossil fuel era

Finally, after three decades of climate change negotiations, countries have agreed to signal the end of the fossil fuel era. The COP28 decision text included language about “transitioning away from fossil fuels in energy systems” and “reducing both consumption and ... Read More at 4RG

Support for climate action is much stronger than we think.

When asked to estimate public support for measures such as a carbon tax or a Green New Deal, most respondents put the number between 37 and 43 percent. In fact, polling suggests that the real number is almost double that, ... Read More at 4RG

Ottawa, Nova Scotia Turn Down Offshore Oil Proposal

A coalition of environmental and community groups is applauding a decision by the Nova Scotia and federal governments to deny a C$1.5-million bid to relaunch oil and gas exploration in the waters off the province. The licence application for a ... Read More at 4RG

Four in five people around the world support ‘whatever it takes’ to limit climate change

A new survey, the largest of its kind, shows that people around the world want their governments to take action. Some 78 percent of those polled agree that it’s essential to do “whatever it takes” to limit the effects of ... Read More at 4RG

The UN climate conference doesn’t matter — and that’s okay

Max Fawcett explains his optimism about the energy transition already underway and the inability of even the most obstructionist governments and large corporations to meaningfully slow its progress. We are, without question, on a path that will see us exceed ... Read More at 4RG