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Here are some recent stories from the news that alarm us with outrageous decisions by governments and businesses who are taking inadequate provision to protect us and our grandchildren from the climate chaos that is looming.

One whole year above 1.5

The PR pros will tell you not to bother talking about arcane topics like 1.5 degrees — no normies understand the significance, and it just sounds like a little-bitty thing, anyway. They’re probably right. And maybe that explains why we ... Read More at 4RG

Big Oil’s fierce pushback against truth-in-advertising rules

New truth-in-advertising rules requiring that a company’s commitments to climate action be accurate have set off a firestorm in Canada’s oil and gas industry, triggering some of the largest fossil fuel giants to scrub their websites and issue legal notices ... Read More at 4RG

Gas Industry Front Group Keeps Pitching LNG after Ad Council Tells It to Stop Greenwashing

A self-styled grassroot group that has received significant fossil fuel industry funding is continuing to run ads claiming that liquefied natural gas (LNG) “will reduce global emissions,” despite a watchdog council’s ruling in January that the ads amount to greenwashing. ... Read More at 4RG

Carbon Dioxide Just Took an Ominous, Record-Breaking Jump

Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Observatory just captured an ominous sign about the pace of global warming. Atmospheric levels of planet-warming carbon dioxide aren’t just on their way to yet another record high this year — they’re rising faster than ever, according ... Read More at 4RG

Doug Ford’s Enbridge ‘scandal’ must be investigated

The Ontario Green Party and environmental groups are calling for an investigation into Premier Doug Ford’s government’s decision to override an independent regulator to help Enbridge lock-in gas customers for decades to come. In a May 7 letter to Ontario ... Read More at 4RG

Climate scientists terrified but determined to keep fighting

This truly terrifying piece in The Guardian shows that most climate scientists do not think that the Paris goal of 1.5 degrees C is achievable. Many think that we are well on our way to a 3 degrees future in ... Read More at 4RG

Ontario worried about ‘substantial’ costs to Enbridge in deciding to overrule energy board

When the Ontario Energy Board said Enbridge Gas and developers should pay for new fossil fuel connections, the province’s official response focused on housing costs. Internal documents show other priorities were at play The Narwhal has reported on the extent ... Read More at 4RG

Germany and the U.K. have cut their climate pollution in half. Here’s how Canada stacks up

Canadians should be ashamed of our inability to reduce climate de-stabilizing emissions. This article shows just how ashamed. While Germany and the UK have each cut their emissions by around half in the 24 years since 1990. But Canada, in ... Read More at 4RG
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