Take Action Today

The scientists are telling us that it’s not too late to make a difference. It’s not a lost cause. We have hope. But we also need people to pull together and get involved in whatever way they can.

On this page, we will direct you to actions which are proven to be both efficient and effective because we know that your time is precious. We will provide you with the support you need.

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Learn – Spending even just ten minutes a week learning about the climate crisis and climate action will leave you feeling empowered. 

  1. Look for 4RG on social media
  2. Climate Change: The Basics, The Solutions
  3. Learn about nature.
  4. Books, news articles, podcasts, video

        Influence Others

        As you learn about the climate emergency, you become a “trusted messenger” with the ability to shift the understanding and actions of those around you. Your biggest sphere of influence is on your family and friends, and your local politicians. 

        1. The most important thing you can do is to talk to people about climate. It doesn’t have to be a long speech, perhaps just a quick comment in a normal conversation. Here are some suggestions. 
        2. Tips to help you communicate with politicians.
        3. Involve your kids/grandkids so they learn how to advocate
        4. Sign a petition. While a letter or a phone call has a bigger impact, every little bit helps. 


        Personal Change: One of the most significant impacts of making personal changes comes from your influence on others.   Let your friends and family know about the changes you are making in your personal life – these “social nudges” can be very powerful. 

        1. Focus your limited time and energy on an action that will have a bigger impact.
        2. Count-Us-In.org Choose an action, and see the cumulative impact as a result of worldwide action.
        3. Join a local group that shares your interests and concern for the environment.  The solutions to the climate crisis require many skills and interests – organizers, networkers, naturalists, activists, poets, naturalists, activists, musicians, networkers, gardeners, educators, etc.
        4. A powerful way to effect change is to make a donation to a charity working on environmental issues such as climate change. Charity Intelligence Canada assesses a charity’s demonstrated social results and provides lists of Top Impact Charities. There are many top-rated environmental charities. Those with five-star ratings include Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Ecojustice, and Ecotrust Canada.
        5. Last, but not least – Addressing the climate crisis is important and sometimes difficult work.  Self care is vital. Connect with others who care.  Enjoy time in nature.  Take a break from the news. As Paul Hawken so eloquently reminds us, you are not alone in this work. 7 actions you can take for the Climate and Your Health. 


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