Worldwide Grandparent Climate Action Groups

For Our Grandchildren maintains loose connections with like minded groups of grandparents around the world. It helps us all to know that we are not alone.

If you know of other groups who should be added to this list please leave a comment below.

These groups appear to be defunct. If you know where to find them, please leave a comment below.


14 thoughts on “Worldwide Grandparent Climate Action Groups”

  1. In Finland, we have also another group Aktivistimummot = Activist Grannies ( ); the webpage is mainly in Finnish but there are some texts also in English. We have some 6500 members in our FB-group, we are very active in Twitter and we have (and have had) many projects and collaborations. Among others, we collaborate with the groups in Our Kids’ Climate (OKC). I have been the contact person for international collaborations.

  2. We are the million vegan grandmothers. We come together in our role as traditional bearers of wisdom and compassion to speak out on behalf of our grandchildren and all those whose voices aren’t being heard. We are here to free the billions of sentient beings who are suffering at the hands of animal agriculture in its many forms, leave our grandchildren a future and save further collapse of ecosystems and diversity.. And we are here to prevent the environmental apocalypse towards which these same industries are rapidly leading us, so that our children, and the children of all other species, will have a world to live in. Our fierce love compels us to act.

    As an organization, we’ll be holding weekly podcasts and quarterly convergences of the people, writing books, sharing scientific studies on the positive impacts of ending animal agriculture, organizing marches, and engaging in letter-writing campaigns and legal actions, all in order to bring forth a vegan world by 2026. Thank you for joining us and allowing us to speak on behalf of your organization..

  3. In accordance to Harold Leffertstra‘s comment I try to gather names and addresses of European grandparent organizations to concentrate and bundle our forces, specifically to force the EU governments to stick to Fit For 55 and encourage and help non-European countries to reach this goal.
    I am Gaby from the Netherlands and member of the grootouders voor het klimaat and I would be very happy if you could add more European organizations to the list.

  4. There is another group of Grandmothers acting in Germany: They developped a Climate Quiz of 24 questions and answers. In German, of course. It is permitted to translate the quiz in another language.

    There is also a little group of grandmothers acting in Holland; They translated the German Quiz in Dutch.

  5. Hi There
    Very good idea to gather names and activities of organisations of Grandparents that work to fight climate change (Global Warming).
    I’m Harold from Norway, active member of the Norwegian Grandparents Climate campaign ( which is the correct name in stead of Grandparents against Climate change listed above. I also participate in their sisterorganisation in the Netherlands. Both organisations do a lot, both towards the public, corporations and governments and it is also fun to participate. We could achieve even more if we had more members – more members, more power.
    You could add the following grandparental organisations; In Belgium In the Netherlands

  6. IN Oakville, a grassroots Feminists for the Future have started a new group titled Grandmothers Act to Save the Planet (GASP). We have a one pager to describe our Climate Actions both Personal & Political. Last night Oakville Council announced a ‘Climate Emergency”. A first step to the real challenge : concrete Action.

    We love to be connected to “Worldwide Grandparent Action Groups”

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